Sugar C.u.b.s. was founded by a group of ten like minded entrepreneurs in October of 2019 in order to provide quality desserts to people who may have not been able to enjoy them in the past. The idea of Sugar C.u.b.s. came about after a long discussion about problems that we could solve. The Sugar C.u.b.s. team eventually decided on giving people with dietary restrictions the opportunity to enjoy sweets again just like anyone else. Our firm’s successes have shown in the twenty three sales made in the first four weeks! 

 Sugar C.u.b.s’ delivers specially made baked goods right at your front door. Our dessert products range from a wide variety of brownies, blondies, muffins, and our signature cubcakes. All these treats come with the option of choosing them gluten free, peanut free, vegan, or traditional. Sugar C.u.b.s’ goal is to provide sweet treats for consumers with dietary restrictions who normally can’t enjoy average desserts.

Sugar C.u.b.s

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